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“The worst is behind us, and we have stabilized our operations,” stated the CEO of Vistara.


Vinod Kannan, CEO of Vistara, expressed confidence on Thursday, stating, “We have stabilized our operations, and the worst is now behind us.” The airline faced significant disruptions earlier in the month due to various reasons, including pilot protests resulting from rostering issues.

In an internal message to employees, Kannan acknowledged the challenges faced, such as air traffic control delays, bird strikes, and maintenance activities. He admitted shortcomings in pilot roster management, emphasizing the need for better planning to handle unexpected disruptions effectively. Kannan also recognized the ongoing integration process between Vistara and Air India Express, acknowledging some resistance among staff members.

Despite financial losses in its early years, Vistara has established itself as a leading full-service carrier in India since its inception in 2015. Kannan thanked the airline’s employees, particularly the pilots, for their efforts in stabilizing operations during challenging times. He expressed confidence in the team’s ability to overcome setbacks and maintain Vistara’s reputation as India’s preferred airline.

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