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The Taliban is actively engaged in efforts to restore land to Afghan Sikhs and Hindus.


Multiple signs suggest that the Taliban administration in Afghanistan is actively engaged in returning lands to Sikhs and Hindus that were unlawfully taken from them.

This initiative coincides with reports of Narendra Singh Khalsa, the representative of Hindus and Sikhs in the former Afghan parliament, returning to Afghanistan from Canada.

During previous Afghan regimes, much of the land owned by Hindus and Sikhs was seized by Taliban warlords.

A Land-Grabbing Prevention and Restitution Commission has been established to investigate cases of land usurpation affecting Hindu and Sikh communities across the Islamic Emirate, as reported by Kabul-based Ariana News on March 10.

Following the establishment of this commission by the Taliban’s Ministry of Justice, properties are now being returned to displaced Sikhs and Hindus across the country, as per a report by The Hindu.

Suhail Shaheen, Head of the Political Office of the Taliban, confirmed the establishment of a commission chaired by the Minister of Justice to oversee the return of properties to their rightful owners.

According to Afghanistan International, Hindu and Sikh representatives have been engaged in numerous meetings with Taliban officials in Kabul over the past three years, expressing concerns about land usurpation and urging the Taliban to address the issue.

Indian officials have interpreted this development positively, seeing it as a gesture towards India, according to The Times of India.

In light of escalating attacks targeting minority populations, many Sikhs and Hindus fled Afghanistan, seeking refuge in India. The government airlifted batches of Afghan minorities and Indians from the country.

Attacks on Afghanistan’s minority Hindus and Sikhs increased as the Taliban gained control of the war-torn country in 2021. Gurdwaras became frequent targets of attacks, culminating in the assault on the historic Kart-e-Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul.

Against this backdrop, Narendra Singh Khalsa’s return to Afghanistan is significant, especially amid reports of the Taliban government’s efforts to restore usurped land to Hindus and Sikhs.

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