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Tech industry downturn and influx of graduates create hurdles for IIT placement; students rejecting low-wage offers.


Placements at prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) continue to be a challenge for students despite intensified efforts to attract recruiters. Even after more than four months of final placements at renowned IITs like Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Kanpur, Madras (Chennai), Kharagpur, Roorkee, Guwahati, and Varanasi (BHU), the task of securing positions for students remains daunting in a competitive landscape.

Sharing placement data with ET, IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, two prominent institutions, revealed the extent of the challenge. At IIT Bombay, 33% of the 1,973 participating students were still in search of job opportunities as of April 4. Similarly, at IIT Delhi, around 40% of students out of 1,814 registered with the Office of Career Services (OCS) were yet to be placed. However, undergraduate programs showed more promise, with 81% of participants securing job offers.

In contrast, master’s and PhD programs faced lower placement rates, impacting the overall hiring percentage. Last year, IIT Bombay reported a placement rate of 82%, with 1,516 out of 1,845 students securing jobs. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi’s overall placement percentage stood at approximately 84%.

Lean Placement Season at IITsLean Placement Season at IITs

Around 30% of students across older IITs are still awaiting placements this season, marking a decrease of 15-25% in job offers compared to the previous year.

Students are increasingly hesitant to accept low-paying job offers. A representative from an older IIT noted that while smaller companies are offering salaries ranging from Rs 5-6 lakhs, students are holding out for better opportunities, driven by the prestige associated with IITs.

The financial daily has consistently reported on the impact of the tech industry slowdown and the broader decline in hiring on placements across various institutions, including the IITs, even before the commencement of the placement season.

As the ongoing placement season progresses, IIT Bombay has highlighted that 33% of students are yet to be placed, with more companies scheduled to visit before the season concludes in June.

The increase in batch sizes at institutes like IIT Delhi has further complicated the placement scenario. The Office of Career Services (OCS) at IIT Delhi has noted a 20% rise in student participation compared to the previous year.

Professor Rajib Maity, head of the placement cell at IIT Kharagpur, reported that currently, there are 1,500 students with job offers from over 350 companies, with more offers anticipated. The OCS is devising dedicated placement drives for PhD students, demonstrating the institute’s proactive approach to address the evolving challenges in the job market.

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