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Arc browser has introduced Live Folders, a feature designed to automatically update tabs for users.


Following its recent funding round of $50 million at a valuation of $550 million in March, the Browser Company is expanding its Arc browser with new features, aiming to establish itself as a credible alternative to dominant players like Chrome. Today, it introduces a feature named Live Folders, designed to automatically generate and update tabs within a folder based on specific events, such as someone adding a file to a shared folder.

Live Folders arrives as part of the company’s broader efforts to incorporate more AI-powered functionalities, enhancing user experiences with dynamic and automated features. Among these plans is the development of an AI agent capable of browsing the web on behalf of users, although this feature has yet to be launched.

Initially, Live Folders will support GitHub pull requests. Whenever a user creates a GitHub pull request, Arc will automatically generate a Live Folder in the sidebar. This folder will dynamically update tabs based on various pull request activities, including those created, assigned, requested for review, or mentioned by the user. Additionally, the folder will automatically remove tabs associated with completed requests and tasks.

When a new pull request occurs while the Live Folder is collapsed, the browser will briefly expand it to draw attention to the new request.

Arc Browser's Live Folder functionality updates pull requests automatically


Arc aims to develop a novel tracking system with its latest feature, intended to streamline users’ daily work tasks. This feature was hinted at by the company in February, when it sought user feedback on potential integrations for the Live Folders feature, with GitHub emerging as the top requested service.

The company emphasizes its focus on integrating services conducive to collaboration, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Figma, into Live Folders. It highlights the flexibility of the technology behind Live Folders, suggesting potential adoption of updates from RSS feeds and other sources.

In a recent announcement, Arc’s CEO, Josh Miller, revealed the hiring of former Safari designer Charlie Deets and former WhatsApp designer Christine Rode. Their role is to spearhead the development of various interface designs for the platform.

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