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Rishi Sunak Wears Stylish Adidas Sneakers, Offers Apology Following Criticism


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sparked controversy on social media when he appeared wearing trendy Adidas Samba sneakers during a recent interview at his Downing Street residence. Critics and social media users expressed disappointment with Sunak’s choice, suggesting that he had “spoiled it for everyone.”

During the interview, where Sunak discussed his government’s tax policies, the 43-year-old leader donned grey, white, and black sneakers from the renowned German sportswear brand, paired with a white shirt, navy chinos, and black socks.

Adidas describes Sambas as a “legendary shoe with a rich history,” known for being fashionable. However, footwear enthusiasts argued that Sunak’s attempt to appear trendy had tarnished their reputation.

Following online backlash, Sunak issued a “full apology,” emphasizing his longstanding admiration for Adidas. Speaking on LBC Radio, he stated, “I extend a sincere apology to the Samba community. However, I must defend myself by saying I’ve been wearing Adidas trainers, including Sambas, for many years.”

Sunak revealed that his affinity for Adidas began when he received his first pair of sneakers as a Christmas gift from his brother, and he has remained loyal to the brand since then. He confirmed purchasing the pair seen in the video and clarified, “I’ve owned Adidas trainers for a very long time.”

In addition to criticism about his footwear choice, Sunak also faced scrutiny over the length of his trousers. He remarked, “I find it intriguing and amusing the amount of attention focused on my attire.”

British GQ magazine suggested that in his attempt to portray himself as youthful and trendy, Rishi Sunak had compromised the timeless appeal of the Samba sneaker for everyone.

Footwear historian Elizabeth Semmelhack expressed concern that Sunak’s selection could signify the “end” for Samba sneakers.

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