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Apple to India: 500,000 New Jobs in 3 Years


Apple is making a significant investment in India. They plan to move a large portion of their manufacturing base from China to India, aiming to triple their Indian workforce to 500,000 within three years. This shift focuses on increasing the contribution of Indian suppliers to Apple products (known as “value addition”). Currently, this is much lower in India compared to China. Analysts believe strategic investments can raise this percentage in the coming years.

This move builds on Apple’s existing success in India. Under a government incentive program, they’ve become the leading creator of blue-collar jobs, generating 150,000 directly and an estimated 300,000 indirectly. Their contractors are even building housing for factory workers.

India’s growing importance as a market for Apple, both for exports and domestic sales, is a key driver. This could position India as a future hub for Apple’s research and development, particularly in areas like software and chip design.

The future looks bright: Apple reportedly aims to manufacture a quarter of its iPhones (around 50 million devices annually) in India by 2030. iPhone production in India has already boomed, surpassing Rs 1 lakh crore in 2023, with a significant portion exported.

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