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$100 Million Fuels Collaborative Robotics’ Rise in the Robotics Industry – Gujarat Reports


US-based robotics startup Collaborative Robotics (Cobot) has secured a whopping $100 million in Series B funding, reflecting the growing investor confidence in AI-powered robots. This surge in interest marks a shift away from capital-intensive, single-purpose robots, and towards versatile, intelligent machines.

Cobot, led by former Amazon robotics VP Brad Porter, plans to utilize the funding to expand its team and production capabilities. The company focuses on developing general-purpose robots with human-like movement and intelligence, but unlike clunky humanoids, Cobot’s robots are a practical 5’8″ with wheels, sensors, and carts – perfect for tasks like box handling in logistics, retail, and healthcare.

We’re poised to deploy robots and are committed to further expansion,” stated Porter. Cobot is also integrating features enabled by large language AI models, allowing for seamless user interaction and efficient task execution.

This investment, led by General Catalyst and backed by industry giants like Sequoia Capital, underscores the immense potential of AI-powered robots in revolutionizing various sectors. As Paul Kwan, managing director at General Catalyst, remarked, “We were impressed by their ability to deliver robots for deployment in under 20 months. Brad’s pragmatic and commercially-driven approach resonates with us.

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